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Project Profiled:

North Palm Beach Property Profile

Project Name: Anonymous Owner
Address: North Palm Beach, Florida
Project Inspection Engineers: IBA Waterproofing Consultants
Products Specified: Cetco Waterproofing Systems
Warranty Period: 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Contract Budget: $400,000

Project Profile: This project is a new Single Family home located directly on the Intracoastal Waterway in North Palm Beach, Florida. The Basement is being built below the water table and will be in 15 feet of constant water submersion. Membrane going vertical It is for this reason that a very sophisticated, State of The Art Waterproofing System be installed under the basement slab and on the basement wall. The entire structure must be wrapped with a waterproof membrane to eliminate any possibility of water intrusion into the finished space.

Problem: Provide a product that would totally encapsulate the underground basement and shield the completed project from any water penetration for the life of the structure. All of the work had to be completed within a very specific time table to allow a minimum time of installation while the well points were pumping out the water on the site. Once completed the Well Points would be permanently cut off allowing the water to rise around the completed structure. Installing the menbrane

Project Review and Bidding: GCCC was called in by the proposed manufacturer (Cetco) of the Waterproofing products to review the project in detail and prepare a competitive bid for their product installation. All of the project details and specified materials were carefully reviewed and agreed upon by all parties. A project bid/budget was prepared and the contract was awarded to General Caulking & Coatings Co., Inc.

Installing the menbraneThis project is just another example of Generalís thorough and complete dedication to perfection with our project analysis, bidding, project scheduling, material installation and constant budget awareness. All of these aspects are required to excel in the performance of our trade and provide the best service possible for our Customers, and our Architectural / Engineering community associates.

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