Project Description

  • Address: 8900 North Kendall Drive, Miami, FL 33176

  • General Contractor: Robins & Morton

  • Products Specified: Reef Industries Griffolyn T 105 vapor barrier under all slabs on grade; Neogard Deck Coatings at Garage Roofs and Mechanical Rooms; Protecto Wrap air barriers behind all metal panels; Dow Corning 790 silicone sealants double bead at all precast panels; WR Grace Preprufe 300R at all elevator and proton pits.

GCC installed Reef Industries T 105 vapor barrier under all slabs on grade and detail all pipe penetrations. Neogard Auto-Gard FC T pretextured vehicular coating was installed at roofs of parking garages after all precast double tee joints and wash pours were caulked. Protecto Wrap air barrier was installed over concrete and masonry prior to ACM panels being installed. All precast panels, doors and louvers were double caulked with Dow Corning’s 790 silicone sealant. All elevator pits and three (3) Proton pits were waterproofed with WR Grace’s Preprufe 300R sheet waterproofing.