Project Description

  • Address: 200 SE Hospital Ave, Stuart, Fl. 34994

  • Project Engineer : Innovative Engineering, Atlanta, Georgia

  • Product Specified: Neogard traffic coating

GCC West Palm Beach shot Blasted the entire deck to completely clean the structural concrete and create a ICRI #3 profile on the concrete. Then pressure washed the entire deck.

We treated all hairline cracks by filling them with Neogards epoxy system with sand mixed in the epoxy. All cracks that were over 1/16” wide GCC would saw-cut and caulked them with Sikaflex 2C Urethane sealant.

Then GCC would apply the Neogards Auto-Gard Aliphatic Fast Cure Textured waterproofing system on the entire vehicular deck located on the top floor of the Garage.

The deck had to have 48 hours to cure time on the entire deck prior to opening it up to traffic.

GCC Re-caulked all the horizontal and vertical joints on the top floor of the garage that would receive the waterproofing membrane. GCC installed MM LMS-250 expansion joint system on the top floor of the parking deck. MM systems was able to have the color of the joint & nosing material match the top coat color of the waterproofing membrane.

GCC removed all loose stucco located on the inside portion of the parapet walls, then applied new stucco. GCC re-painted all the parapet walls applying the STO CR648 High Build Acrylic coating.