Project Description

  • Address: 3501 Johnson Street, Hollywood, FL 33021

  • Architect: Zyscovich, Inc.

  • General Contractor: Stiles – Thornton Joint Venture

  • Product Specified: Tremco’s TP 250GC and Tremdrain S drainage matting, Tremco’s Dymonic 100 sealant and Tremstop FS firestopping, MM Systems EBS preformed expansion joint glands, Evonik’s BSM-40 VOC clear sealer, Tremco’s vehicular traffic coatings, Tremco’s Exoair 110 air barrier, Tremco’s Paraseal LG bentonite at elevator pits

GCC assisted with design and negotiated the complete waterproofing package including waterproofing of all below grade foundation of triple cab elevator pit, 120 mils of fluid applied waterproofing with vehicular drainage matting beneath secondary toppings of levels 2 and 3 over occupied spaces, installation of expansion joints in horizontal and vertical conditions including tying into two (2) different parking garages and bridges, silane sealer at all levels of parking not receiving a vehicular traffic coating, vehicular traffic coating on entire upper parking deck and all exterior ramps. Air barrier on all exterior walls of buildings to receive stucco, caulking of precast double tee panel joints where waterproofing was installed, firestopping at head of wall joints.