Mike Engelke
Mike EngelkePresident
I have been involved with GCC since 1981 and take great satisfaction in being part of the incredible growth of our company. Our employees are the engine that make our reputation what it is and a big reason for our repeat business with clients.

Our management, execution of field applications, bonding capability, financial strength including buying power and project management in a very risky business allow us to provide the best solutions to our clients successfully over the past 58 years. It is our goal to maintain that growth for the next generation of employees and clients.

101 N.W. 176th Street
Miami, Florida 33169
Tel: 305-652-1020
Fax: 305-652-0786

We are here to serve

Miami and the surrounding area

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Miami Team Members

Ryan Behr
Ryan BehrProject Manager
office: 305-652-1020
Archie Short
Archie ShortProject Manager
office: 305-652-1020
Dennis Short
Dennis ShortSuperintendent
office: 305-652-1020
Harol Henriquez
Harol HenriquezAssistant Superintendent
office: 305-652-1020
Tedane Williams
Tedane WilliamsComptroller
office: 305-652-1020
Amy Behr
Amy BehrAssistant Accountant
office: 305-652-1020
Ellen LaMoia
Ellen LaMoiaAssistant Accountant
office: 305-652-1020
Amie Arner
Amie ArnerAccounting Assistant
office: 305-652-1020
Michelle Calonge
Michelle CalongeOffice Administrator
office: 305-652-1020
 Sloan Acevedo
Sloan Acevedo Project Estimator
office: 305-652-1020
Miguel Lindsay
Miguel LindsayProject Estimator
office: 305-652-1020