Daytona International Speedway

The Front-Stretch Grandstands Project (Daytona Rising) was a large and time sensitive project. Barton Malow partnered with General Caulking and Coatings Company to perform this massive restoration and new remodel work for the Daytona Speedway. Before this project even started it was under the gun and on a time line. Quality and timely installations were necessary to make this a successful project. GCC stepped up and successfully performed the task.
The largest undertaking was the installation of expansion joints that were required due to the new levels of grandstands and luxury box suites being incorporated into the new speedway. GCC chose MM Systems to partner with and installed expansion joint systems at all of the locations including: floor-to-floor expansion joints with gutter systems (MM RSC series), vertical decorative expansion joints systems (MM SIF series), and roof expansion joint systems.
Additional items performed on this project were:
  • Caulked all exterior and interior vertical CMU joints, including all new walls, new grand stands and grand stands suites.
  • Caulked all new slab on grade sidewalk expansion joints and joints at service level facilities.
  • Caulking of all new bathroom fixtures, counter tops and food service equipment areas with Sanitary caulking.
  • Fire caulked all new and existing CMU joints, rated wall penetrations and rated slab penetrations
This project with Barton Malow Construction on a strict schedule and was successfully completed on time.

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