Palm Beach County Convention Parking Garage

This project consists of a Multi-Level parking garage located in West Palm Beach Florida adjacent to the Conference Center. It was designed to handle the future needs of the City for parking at the Conference Center for many years to come.
The Weitz Company along with General Caulking & Coatings Company, Inc. (Palm Beach Division) were chosen to complete this project on a timely basis and within budget, both of which were successfully achieved.
GCC‘s contract was for the installation of all Below Grade Waterproofing Systems, the installation of a “clear concrete preservation” system on all concrete deck surfaces receiving vehicle traffic, the installation of the Tremco Fluid Applied Vehicular Deck Coating system on the top floors of the parking facility and to install all MM Vehicular Traffic custom Expansion Joints throughout the parking deck surfaces.
This project is unique in that the architectural firm designed the Roof Vehicular Membrane Waterproofing Traffic Deck System with many different colors and geometrical designs. These colors and designs are very prevalent and aesthetically pleasing for all hi-rise building residences within the city, as well as for all air traffic coming in and out of Palm Beach County. This roof parking color system also enhances the overall beauty of the building with its matching color scheme and is the first if its kind in Palm Beach County.
GCC worked closely with the general contractor and architectural firm to choose the proper product line for a very successful installation of this new system. As well as being completed on time and on budget, it also raises the bar for future parking garage projects in Florida.

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