Project Description

  • Address: 3701 South Ocean Boulevard, Highland Beach, Florida 33487

  • Project Engineer : The Slider Group, Inc.

  • Product Specified: Kemper Waterproof Systems

Project Profile

The Toscana condominium is a three tower structure surrounded by a 80,000 square foot elevated Recreational and Parking Deck Surface. Large Planters were distributed throughout the deck surface to breakup the area into definable parking areas and provide a cosmetically pleasing environment throughout.

The Elevated Deck consists of a Post Tension Structural Slab with a poured in place concrete topping that was sloped to the drains. A membrane Waterproofing System was installed over the secondary concrete surface and a sand bed with decorative pavers system provided the finish surface.

Problem: Severe Water Penetration through the Deck surfaces to the Parking and other occupied areas below.

Project Analysis: The Condominium Association commissioned The Slider Engineering Group (experts in this type of building renovation) to test and evaluate the severity of the water penetration problem and to format a solution to the problem. After many months of review, a Project Specification for the complete renovation of the Upper Parking Deck was finalized. The major concerns of waterproofing the entire surface were addressed along with a resolution for
improper drainage, proper sloping and materials for that use, the total removal and replacement of the Expansion joint systems and other related problem situations.

The project went to bid in January of 2009 with General Caulking & Coatings Co., Inc. being selected as the preferred Prime General Contractor for the project.

Project Overview: The Renovation and Waterproofing of The Toscana Parking Deck involved many phases of construction. To insure that traffic movement would not be stopped in its entirety for the entire project while the work was being completed, a unique breakup of the total surface area was devised allowing two of the major tower structures to operate freely while the third was being completed in specific phases.

A time line and a Completion Bar Schedule were prepared, re-evaluated many times and finally approved. It allowed only six months from project start, until final completion. Through the discovery of many unforeseen circumstances, foul weather conditions and many project changes. We are very proud to say that we completed this project within the specified time period and well within the contract value. Change orders to the contract were kept to a minimum for this large project and no on-site injuries were recorded during the progress of this project. All parties involved inspected the finished project and the appropriate Manufacturer warranties have been issued.

With the project being completed well within the budget, the owners are extremely happy with the finished product and are looking towards contracting with GCCC for a phase two of the project, starting in the summer of 2010.

The Renovation of this project demanded total removal of all of the existing Decorative Pavers, Sand Beds, Expansion Joint Systems, Concrete Curbs, Sidewalks, The Surface Drain System and all of the existing (delaminated) Membrane Waterproofing System.

Mechanical Abrasion of the exposed concrete surfaces was completed with Heavy Duty Hydro Blasting Equipment to insure that the concrete finish profile met the Engineering criteria of;

  1. Abrasive enough to insure adhesion and
  2. Totally clean of all foreign matter prior to the new installation.

All Deck Surface Drains were removed and replaced with Heavy Duty Bi-Level Drains. The initial drains installed were of a Plaza One Level type Drain that did not allow the deck to drain at finished surface elevation but only at the Concrete subsurface level.

All Expansion Joint Systems had failed and were totally removed and the surfaces were repaired to receive the newly specified Kemper Systems.

A new, multi-layered Kemper Waterproof Deck Surface Membrane was installed over all of the exposed Concrete Surfaces and then flooded with a minimum of 2 inches of water for a 24-hour period to insure its waterproofing capabilities.

After draining the flooded surface’s a Protection Course of specified materials
were installed over the completed Waterproofing System.

New Sidewalk/Curbs and horizontal Header Curbs were poured and an appropriate Sand Bed was installed to receive the new Paver System. Colors and designs were presented to the Board of Directors and to the appropriate committee for a final selection to be made.

After the completion of the Paver Installation it was decided by the Board of Directors to install a High Gloss sealer in a two-coat application to lock in the Pavers and provide a beautiful cosmetic finish.

At GCCC, we prepared extensively for a successful production and completion of this Restoration Project. After the contract was signed in May, 2009, we aggressively set the project up with all the tools, equipment, and materials necessary
to complete the project in a timely and professional manner. Many strategic planning sessions were held with the project Engineers, the Associations Board of Directors, Security personnel, and on-site parking consultants. Constant communication between all parties was a must for a successful and timely project completion.