Esplanade Aventura

GCC collaborated with VCC to develop a comprehensive waterproofing system for Esplanade Aventura, which provided the owner with the desired warranties and also completed the system under budget. GCC mechanics who were certified by Tremco for the various systems worked closely with the general contractor to provide the highest quality of work and stay on schedule for the project schedule until completion.
The initial contract scope of Esplanade Aventura included complete encapsulation of the foundation mat, including all below grade walls, piles, pile caps and grade beams with Tremco’s TWS triple waterproofing system, the first of its kind in South Florida.
GCC was subsequently awarded the remaining portion of the project that included waterproofing all plaza decks over occupied space with Tremco’s Vulkem 350/Epoxy primer waterproofing system under tile. Additional scope included Tremco’s Tremproof 250 GC cold fluid applied waterproofing system, including Tremco’s drainage matting at all planters and all elevated walkways prior to the topping system being installed. GCC installed all building expansion joints required a dynamic system due to joint width, and also installed compressible foam expansion joint system to wall vertical expansion joints on the project.

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