Galleria Mall – Multiple Garage Restoration

GCC worked with consultant Kimley-Horn to address four (4) different parking garages that totaled more than 5,100 parking spaces.
Lime Parking Deck: Key areas repaired included: minimization of extensive water ponding through installation of 29 supplementary floor drains, concrete spall and crack repair on cast-in-place slab in particular at drive aisles adjacent to mall pedestrian entry points, expansion joint replacement in excess of 2,300 lineal feet, deck coating of entire top tier (nearly 153,000 square feet over 8 sections) and at lower level turning bays, silane sealer application in excess of 400,000 square feet and sealant replacement.
Orange Parking Deck: Key areas repaired included cleaning of existing expansion joints and removal of rust and painting of overhead pipes.
Plum Parking Deck: Key areas repaired included overhead concrete spalling, repair of concrete beam adjacent to an expansion joint through means of widening the beam section to increase double tee flange support, expansion joint replacement and shear angle.
Mango Parking Deck: Key areas were limited to concrete spalling.

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Florida Parking Association 8th Annual Awards of Excellence in Category 3 “PARKING STRUCTURE RENOVATION” First Place Winner.

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