Miami-Dade County Courthouse

GCC worked with the consultant and contractor design teams to plan the sealing of the exterior windows of the Miami Dade Courthouse, which is a registered historic building that is on the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation. With the age and prestige of the building in mind, GCC was extra mindful of delivering quality, aesthetically accurate work. Window perimeters were caulked along with replaced perimeter Terra-Cotta panels, metal to glass joints and hand cut metal angles in the same color and finish as the window frames. The frames were set in Tremco’s Spectrem 2 silicone sealant to seal small metal to metal joints. Additionally, Tremco’s Simple Seal was used in window corners to seal splices. All sealant and preformed silicone were specially color matched to preserve the historic elements and appearance of the building. All the hard work and careful attention to detail on this project made it a finalist for the Sealant, Waterproofing & Restoration Institute “Trinity Award.”

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