Project Description

  • Address: 700 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

  • Contractor: Stiles Construction

  • Architect: Revuelta Architecture

  • Project’s Specifications:

    • Cetco’s Ultraseal SP & BT for the 10 year Hydrosheild Warranty to the building foundation and backfilled walls –sheet applied bentonite waterproofing
    • Tremco’s 350/351 pedestrian traffic coating system to all balconies and eyebrows. – Pedestrian Coatings
    • Tremco’s 350/951/951 vehicular Traffic coating system to the level 2 parking deck and the level 1 loading dock. – Vehicular Coatings
    • Tremco’s MSUP Primer/120 mils of Tremco’s 250GC and TremDrain 1000 to the level 3 Amenities deck, Pool interstital and planters horizontal slabs. 90mils of Tremco’s 250GC and Tremco’s RootGuard to all planter walls. – Fluid applied membranes
    • V-Seal 101 clear sealer to the basement Slab – Clear penetrating sealer

At the Paramount Condominium, GCC signed to completely envelope the entire below grade foundation of the structure including pile caps, slab on grade, footings, and retaining walls with Cetco’s Ultraseal providing our valued client with a 10 year Hydrosheild warranty. After the tower was up GCC waterproofed all planters as well as the amenities deck before and after topping slabs with Tremco’s TremProof 250 GC with drainage mat. Prior to installation of windows and stucco in the tower our installers applied a detail strip of Tremco’s Vulkem 350 under the window slider and 8’’ up the exterior balcony walls, and later tied on to it to completely coat all the balcony slabs and eyebrows with Tremco’s Vulkem 350/351 pedestrian traffic coating system.

We also provided our client with a heavy duty vehicular traffic coating system to the level 2 parking deck and the level 1 loading dock known as Tremco’s Vulkem 350/951/951 traffic system.

GCC also installed the new Tremco EWS under tile system to the level one drivrway prior to installing pavers. At the basement level, our applicators pressure washed the slab and applied V-Seal 101 clear penetrating sealer prior to installing robots for the state of the arch automated parking system.

With the extensive amount of work to be performed on this project, General’s management team coordinated with the Stiles team daily to overcome job site obstacles to assure them that our work was being performed with quality in a timely manner.